SMS Marketing – How It Doesn’t Works

SMS marketing, without question, has fast become one of the foremost ways companies have begun marketing to their customers, both potential prospective customers as well as those that have shopped with them in the past. Through direct contact via text message, companies are able to dramatically amp their sales as well as see continued and repeat business.

But just because SMS marketing ‘can’ work doesn’t mean it necessarily will.

While many have had a lot of success using it, there are actually some surprisingly easy blunders to make that can potentially sour your company’s image to that customer. Below, we’ll get into the key factors that go into a company failing to capitalize on SMS marketing and actually end up causing more harm than good to their brand’s image. Be sure to follow along so that you can ensure your business properly avoids these traps and enjoys the tremendous benefit that comes with using SMS marketing.

How SMS Marketing Will Fail For Your Business

#1. Useless Fluff

The biggest way SMS marketing can actually be used to your detriment is by saying much ado about nothing. If your message doesn’t include anything of actual value, it ceases to be worth anything. This means that prospects equate your messages and notifications with that of spam messages.

While it should obviously be an offer that’s viable, your offers should also be uniquely based on SMS marketing as opposed to any outside marketing. For example, if a person knows you’re SMS message is just a text version of an email message, which is just a digital version of a written out flyer you’ve passed out, they aren’t likely to take any of your messages to heart.

#2. Unclear Communication

SMS marketing’s entire purpose is to create and cultivate a healthy and easily accessible communication channel between customers and companies. As such, if that channel is “toxic” or otherwise inaccessible (from vague messaging or the aforementioned “fluff”) you’re pretty much throwing away money as well as goodwill. People can often stand a strange message or two. After that, they either unlist themselves from you or ignore your messages when they come in entirely.

These blunders can be large and they can be small, but either way, they can have a dramatically negative impact on your company’s image in the long term and completely ruining the sale in the short term.

#3. Lack Of Timing

Lastly, timing and the fear of loss are huge, huge, huge factors that must be considered by anyone that seriously wants to cultivate interest and enthusiasm with their customers. The reality is that, by not setting a time limit to an offer, you leave it open-ended. This open-endedness ultimately results in procrastination and the sale never getting hit. Why? Because you didn’t make it a priority.

Where Do You Go From Here

Ultimately, when starting out, you need to what to do as well as what not to do. While there has likely been a lot of content out there on what you should be doing, this breakdown should reveal some of the key missteps many people are likely to make.

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