All You Need To Know About California Hard Money Direct

Getting a loan is a process that can be confusing if you don’t know what you need or what to ask for. If you’re looking for a hard money loan, here’s how California Hard Money Direct works and why they are the best company for loans in California.

A Little About California Hard Money Direct

California Hard Money Direct is a hard money loan company. These lenders specialize in finding and providing loans for developers who are building residential and commercial properties. The company originates, underwrites, and closes its loans with deals being closed quickly (typically in weeks) after they are funded. They don’t depend on any other institution to fund the loans they originate, which means they can make decisions faster than other banks or lenders.

They also offer loans to residential buyers and fix and flip investors, but they do not have a lockbox program. This means that the funds for your loan aren’t held by one of the hard money lenders in California. Instead, you get a short-term business cash advance that can be used for the purchase of the home or for investing in property.

Why California Hard Money Direct Is The Best Hard Money Lender

California Hard Money Direct has the resources available to make a decision quickly. They don’t depend on other institutions to source loans, which means they can make decisions faster than traditional banks and lenders. They are also well networked with a wide range of providers in California who can provide the funds you need.

They offer both fixed rate and adjustable rates and types of loans, which means they have a wide variety of loan options for hard money investors in California. They also offer a wide range of loan amounts and terms, so you can get a loan that fits your needs.

They have a variety of loan products available, including bridge loans, construction loans, and purchase money loans, among others. They also don’t require any private mortgage insurance to get a loan, which saves you money. It’s also easier to qualify for their loans than typical bank or lender loans because they aren’t concerned about your credit as much as other institutions are.

California Hard Money Direct offers competitive interest rates and terms, which means you can get the financing you need without paying more than what is needed to close the deal. Their underwriting rules are typically very flexible and they can often approve loans where other institutions might not be able to.


If you’re looking for a hard money loan company in California, then you should consider California Hard Money Direct. They have a wide selection of loans, competitive interest rates, and terms and work quickly to help their hard-money investors get the financing they need for their deals.